Hospice Services

Hospice Physicians

Works in conjunction with your attending physician and the hospice team.

Registered Nurse

  • Specifically assigned to each patient to ensure coordination of services.
  • Manages the patient’s medical needs and is trained in palliative care.

Hospice Aide / Homemaker

Helps with personal care, such as bathing and feeding.

Social Worker

  • Provides emotional support to the patient and family.
  • Assists with financial and community resources.

Spiritual Care

  • Provides spiritual support to the patient and family.
  • Coordinates services with community clergy members.

Hospice Volunteer

Trained volunteers are available to offer companionship and service to families.

Dietician, Physical, Occupational, Speech, and other complimentary therapies

Available for consultation.


For symptom management related to hospice diagnosis.

Medical Equipment and Supplies

Medical equipment and supplies as needed based on the plan of care.

Bereavement Support

Supportive services for caregivers for up to 12 months following the loss of a loved one.